About Topkote Pro

Topkote started in 1989, as a full service reglazing and remodeling company. Over the years the business has grown consistently. The growth has been great but, like any other business, the road has had more than a few bumps along the way.

It was fun when things went fine, but murder going back to jobs that didn’t come out right or worse yet redoing jobs that failed completely. It seemed that there was always some new way to get into trouble. What was really frustrating was the lack of help and support we got from our suppliers. These companies said they knew it all but when it came right down to it the just didn’t have any answers. They were just guys like us putting labels on someone else’s product and claiming that they were the best. We tried every coating out there. We talked to every supplier and manufacturer we could find. Along the way, we learned a lot about coatings. We learned what makes them good or bad and what makes the stick. The end result was the realization that there were some good coatings available but what we really needed was a better system for reglazing; a complete reglazing system.

With the help of some great manufacturers we developed a system specifically for reglazing. The system includes a safe, quick cleaner and prep product, a space age adhesive, and a truly high performance, high gloss, durable coating. That’s it!! No acid etching, primers or sanding!!

In 2013, we joined our primary manufacturer, Sumter Coatings, Inc., located in Sumter, SC. This allows us onsite research, product development, technical assistance, and direct shipping, thereby allowing us to offer our customers the best service and support in the industry.

Who are Topkote Pro Authorized Refinishers?

Authorized Topkote Professionals are a network of local, independent, applicators of the Topkote Reglazing System, who are supported by the product manufacturer, Topkote Products.

Topkote Professionals are dedicated to providing superior service and a premiere product at a fair price. The goal is to exceed customer's expectations. Topkote Professionals subscribe to a high level code of ethics and pledge fair practices in all situations. Topkote Professionals back their work 100%. Safety and Training are a priority for Topkote Professionals, they are aware of best practices and on top of key health and safety issues.

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